Happy New Year!

Whoa! 2010 FLEW by... so.. Happy New Year for 2011 !

First, an apology. This site hasn't been updated in a minute! Sorry about that.. right now we are busy preparing our next FREE download, a full length project entitled The Midnight Feast. More to come on that real soon.

Next, a quick shout and some ultra-props to the real hip-hop radio shows and bloggers out there showing us love, we got some excellent feedback around the interwebs for our debut single Ayo!

Please support this joint, its available right now all over the globe! Pow!

Here are some of the more popular links:

JC - Ayo ft. Oddisee

UK iTunes - BUY
US iTunes - BUY
Japan iTunes - BUY
Germany iTunes - BUY
France iTunes - BUY
Spain iTunes - BUY
Australia iTunes - BUY
Amazon MP3 - BUY

The record is available in most other online stores too so if you need to, and want to support us, hunt it down!

Your support is most definitely appreciated :)

Peace out for now.. check back soon for that Midnight Feast...